Nichols Music Boxes
The Digital II is an updated version of the industry standard Digital chime unit.  It has an adjustable, internal folume limiter, which allows for compliance with local noise ordinances.
Eight of the most requested vending songs: The Entertainer, Turkey in the Straw, Little Brown Jug, Sailing Sailing, Camptown Races, Redwing, Brahm’s Lullaby and La Cucaracha!
The best music box made in the industry!  We guarantee to be the best price!
Complete Music Box Set
The complete music box set contains a microphone, speaker and a music box.
Ice Cream Bells
Ice cream bells recall a time when we waited along the road for an Ice Cream truck full of goodies. Today, they are perfect for cosmopolitan ice cream carts in the heart of summer. The assembly consists of 4 beautifully toned brass plated bells mounted on a special bracket. These bells are ideal for attracting attention and sales to your truck.
12 Volt Trip Gong
Trip gongs have been used for years. Effective in drawing attention to sales to your Ice Cream truck or Cart. Available in steel and they come in a 10” gong.
2 sizes available. Want them to hear you coming? Use one of these two specially made speakers. Shipped to your door.
Back Up Siren
Alert people you are backing up. Hooks up directly to your truck. No buttons or switches needed. for the BEST prices in the industry!  We will not be undersold!
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