*** We build Ice Cream trucks the way you want and for less!! ***
All of our trucks are built by certified mechanics.

Our family business had over 100 trucks out selling ice cream on the streets in 2006 – which equates to selling thousands of dollars in ice cream bars every day!

We have been building new and used ice cream trucks for over 25 years.  We also build custom designed trucks that will meet your specifications, such as:  hot dog trucks, coffee trucks, shaved ice or snow cone trucks, soft serve ice cream trucks or concession trucks. We build just about any type mobile vending truck or vending trailer you’ll need whether it is to start your new vending/concession business or another vehicle or two to increase your current fleet!

We install special components such as generators, inverters, soft serve ice cream machines, refrigeration, industrial or cold plate freezers, shaved ice machines, snow cone machines, 2 and 3 compartment sinks, hand washing sinks, hot and cold running water, holding tanks and much more. We carry the Nichols Digital II music boxes, Safety swing arms (call your local police department to determine whether you are allowed the red/stop or yellow/caution) and the Nelson cold plate freezers!

For those of you who are interested in cold plate freezers, dip cabinets or pushcarts, take a look under our freezer, carts and cabinet sections.  Proudly, we are the distributor for one of the nations finest manufacturer of mechanically refrigerated ice cream cabinets, cold plate pushcarts, vending freezers, kiosks and custom equipment.

Whatever your needs, we are here to help you become successful in your new venture. This is a big step and we want you to succeed as we have done in the past twenty plus years….by selling millions of ice cream bars!  Before you receive your truck from us we’ll help you locate a distributor in your area that will get your products at the best prices, guide you in the right direction to get your licensing and refer you to insurance brokers for those ‘special interest’ needs. We make sure you have the wholesome and fun decals as well as the safety stickers on your truck. In fact, we’ll do everything needed to help get your new business venture off to a great start.

When you buy one of our trucks, they are ready to generate money the day we ship it to you!  We even have financing available through the entities listed on our Financing page.

Let me take a moment to tell you….

We are the 4th generation in the Ice Cream business!  For over 30 years, not only has it afforded a great living for us but it has also allowed us to become active and involved in our community.  We have expanded the business and are now making Ice Cream Trucks—your way! This has had a fantastic impact on us and we would like to share the opportunity with you.

This opportunity could make you a great deal of money!  Give us a call at 801-266-9199 or e-mail (sales@icecreamtrucks.com) anytime.  Tell us how IceCreamTrucks.com can help YOU!

IceCreamTrucks.com has been designed as a convenient site for finding the best resources available for your vending needs and for the purchase of ice cream trucks, products and supplies.

IceCreamTrucks.com for the BEST prices in the industry!  We will not be undersold!
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