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B & W currently maintains and runs eleven ice cream trucks from our warehouse located on the border of Brunswick and Hinckley. Maintenance of these trucks has been an integral part of our operation since a breakdown costs money not only in downtime, but also in repairs that perhaps could have been avoided. Some of the maintenance we have done ourselves, things like brake jobs, universal joints, tune-ups, oil changes and so forth. In addition, over the last two years,  a good deal of our maintenance has been performed by Might Auto Pro, a well-known repair shop in Medina. We received labor free repairs in exchange for free ads on our trucks last year and because of this we have managed to keep all of our trucks pretty much trouble free over the last t wo years.  Furthermore, this year a group of automotive repair specialists have moved their business right next door to us and we have called upon them too for some timely repairs.

The potential for making money has always been great. While we have grossed over $250,000 dollars each of the last two years operating from April into September (depending upon the weather), I know it could easily be much more if I personally was able to devote more of my time to the operation and management of the business, but I have two profitable businesses requiring my time. There are also several ways to turn these trucks into moneymakers during the off -season as well, but my personal time constraints have kept me from pursuing them.

Our present location is ideal as it is minutes away from major highways. We also have our product delivered directly to us and stored in our own walk-in freezer. This has saved us considerable money since renting a huge freezer (as some of the other companies do) is not a necessity for us. Also, some companies have gone into debt buying $7000.00 cold plate freezers to avoid the need for purchasing dry ice in large amounts. We made the switch from dry ice to inverters, which keep our freezers running all day long. Hence, no dry ice costs, and no very heavy freezers weighing our trucks down increasing our fuel costs.


2002 Chevy Van
1977 Dodge Van
1977 Dodge Van for the BEST prices in the industry!  We will not be undersold!
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