Cold plate freezers, known to the vending industry the world over! These units are all stainless stee. All factory made ice cream trucks use cold plate freezers. We at personally use them, and most serious vendors know that cold plates are the most reliable way to sell your product. Combine cold plates with manufacturing and you have the best freezer in the industry today. Simply plug in your freezer at night when the truck is not in use. (to any standard 110 volt outlet) This will charge up your freezer, and the cold plates in the walls will keep your product frozen for over 12 hours -- even on the hottest summer days! No power is needed when selling ice cream, and the truck does not need to be running to use the freezer. All corners are welded and there are no sharp edges on these units.

Advantages over dry ice

Lower operating costs
Less product loss
No board of health problems
And never hit your hand on the dry ice!

Advantages over generators

Reliability 5 year limited warranty on cold plates, insulation, and rust-through
Fewer repairs
Less downtime
Less heat eliminates exhaust heat of an operating freezer or waste heat from a generator
No loud noise. Completely silent when in use,and no motor running. for the BEST prices in the industry!  We will not be undersold!
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